Morpheus Spectrum Analyzer

Morpheus SA is a spectrum analyzer 1Hz – 4.4 GHz with RF preamplifier. Morpheus SA is completed by Morpheus TG and together they produce a Master/Slave configuration. This suite is made up of Morpheus TG and Morpheus SA and it’s possible to make efficiency measurement of shielding Faraday cages (RMI/RFI shield) and verify the functionality of attenuation in accordance with the specifications issued by the manufacturer of the MRI. Using the latest innovations in technology Morpheus SA has the range of sensitivity, precision and dynamics you’d expect from an instrument with much higher cost. Morpheus SA is interfaced with Morpheus Tracking Generator (TG) through the fiber optic connector on the front panel of the instrument.

Morpheus Tracking Generator

The Morpheus TG is a signal generator equipped with a touch screen that completes the Morpheus suite interfacing with Morpheus SA in a Master/Slave configuration. In this configuration the master unit is the Spectrum analyzer. The power button is located on the back side of the instrument, after a few seconds for startup the system is ready and you can see the graphic interface of Morpheus TG in Slave mode if the instrument is connected with the Morpheus SA or Stand alone mode if connected through the fiber optic cable supplied.