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Acqua Acetosa, Rome (RM)

The Medical Institute of Sport Science, part of Acqua Acetosa Olimpic preparation centre based in Rome, is a medical centre established to assist the CONI medical equipe in the diagnosis and treatments of the national olimpic athletes.

This centre, composed by a specialized medical equipe, is not meant to be used by the athletes only but also by anyone who needs to go through medical treatments such as diagnostic exams and physical rehabilitation.

Itel realized in 2015 a turn-key unit with a steel precast structure, completely refined, with all the systems required (electrical, hydraulic, air-conditioning and MRI cooling system) including Faraday cage for a 1.5T RMI brought (provided) by General Electric


Diagnostic centre according to minimum standars realized with a ready-made model in steel.

Limited access room: control room, lockers/emergency procedure, MRI room, hallway, HVAC room, utility room, emergency exit.


  1. Execution speed and realization;
  2. Cost Savings;
  3. HVAC implants with maximum energetical saving;
  4. Employed materials with low environmental impact.



Covered surface: about 160 square meters

Maximum height: 4.40 m

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