ITEL Group

Highly specialized healthcare engineering

Itel Diagnostic is a division of ITEL Telecomunicazioni

Itel provides engineering solutions for highly-specialized healthcare services. Through the Itelpharma division, Itel produces and markets radiopharmaceuticals. For the treatment of tumors, Itel is developing an innovative proton therapy system. Founded in 1982, Itel has designed and built more than three thousand MRI installations around the globe. Itel provides turnkey solutions for articulated projects, such as facilities for diagnostic imaging, hybrid operation theaters and radio pharmacies, as well as complex healthcare facilities.

Specialized knowledge of electromagnetic waves and ionizing radiations, along with the team’s interdisciplinary nature, has allowed Itel to develop integrated and innovative solutions for public and private healthcare facilities, thus ensuring the highest quality standards for its clients. Although its main activities relate to the medical and pharmaceutical sector, Itel has the only laboratory in Southern Italy which is able to carry out electromagnetic compatibility measurements and testing for electrical or electronic devices for the purposes of CE marking.

Technology for human health

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