Automatic RF door for MRI applications

The door of the MRI examining room is one of the key elements of an RF shield. It must reconcile the perfect RF tightness with robustness and ease of use. ITEL provides an innovative automatic door, accurate in every detail to meet all needs.

Made with the best materials, the automatic door uses a compressed air mechanism to ensure the RF sealing, yet maintaining an opening and closing of the door with minimum effort of the operators. The RF contact is guaranteed with a conductive gasket, which replaces the traditional “finger”, thus minimizing the demands of maintenance and repair. Together with the door is provided a silenced air compressor, with automatic condensate drain to reduce the need for maintenance of the same.

The RF contact mechanism, automatically activated on opening and closing, foresees an automatic unlocking in the event of lack of compressed air, always guaranteeing the possibility of entry and exit from the MRI room according to the highest hospital safety standards.

The lack of height difference between the threshold and the room floor allows easier access for stretchers and wheelchairs, in order not to cause any inconvenience to patients and operators.

Particular care was taken in the design of the door, in particular as regards sound insulation. By using sound-absorbing materials of greater thickness and special devices in the structure, a good noise reduction is achieved, useful in particular sequences of the MRI machine.

The reinforced frame, brushed steel, and the strong hinges, custom designed for the automatic door, ensure opening and closing unchanged over time, thus ensuring the long-term RF and sound isolation.

The exterior and interior sides of the door can be provided in standard hospital Blue or White (other colours available as an option).


  • Compatible with all ITEL RF shieldings (OSB excluded)
  • Automatic low friction opening and closing
  • Flat threshold for easy access to RM exam room
  • Great acoustic shielding for the operators’ comfort
  • Reduced need for maintenance
  • Silent air compressor included

Automatic Door Specifications

Size 2080 mm x 1150 mm (81.9 in x 45.3 in)
Compatibility with ITEL RF shieldings MSB, CSB, WSB
Material Amagnetic stainless steel, aluminum and plywood with melammine finishing
Colour Standard Medical Blue or White (other colours available on request)
Opening Swing-in or swing-out of RM exam room (to be specified at order)
Lock External side: key
Internal side: safety knob
RF Attenuation 100 dB (range 5 MHz ÷ 200MHz)
Acoustic noise suppression STC45

Air Compressor Specifications

Size 40 cm x 40 cm x 61 cm
(15,7 in x 15,7 in x  24 in)
Weight 28 kg (62 lb)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption 0,35 kW (0,5 HP)
Tank 24 lt
Noise 40 dB (A)
Max Air Pressure 8 Bar
Free Air Delivery 37 lt/min (1,3 cfm) @ 5 Bar
Included accessories Pressure regulator
Air gauge
Automatic condensate drain filter