Oxygen Monitor

The apparatus for magnetic resonance (MR) with superconducting magnet use  helium as part of the cooling process for the magnet. Helium is an asphyxiating, odorless, colorless, non-flammable gas and is stored in high pressure tanks.

Safety regulations on the superconducting magnet MRI require the presence of a system for real-time detection of the oxygen concentration inside the magnet room.

The Oxygen Monitor is able to measure constantly the oxygen level, in order to quickly identify any drops due to leakage of helium from the apparatus. The digital display is positioned at the console of the MR equipment. In this way, the operator can intervene in case of alarm.

The Oxygen Monitor therefore becomes an essential accessory to ensure the safety of patients and operators within the MR room.

ITEL provides the Oxygen Monitor as an accessory in its own installations.