Increase the effectiveness of the Faraday cage

The room which contains Magnetic Resonance equipment, in addition to the RF and magnetic shielding needed for the best use of the equipment itself, can incorporate a series of accessories which complete the final layout of the exam room and can contribute to make the latter more comfortable and pleasant at sight.

ITEL provides a series of products, compatible with the environment of a Magnetic Resonance device (amagnetic and RF emission immune), which allow to enhance the patient’s experience and to speed up the procedures of the operator.


White LED Panels

White LED Panels The W-LED (White LED) is a lighting technology specially designed for use in MRI exam rooms and surgery rooms. It is produced in [...]


Visual Therapy Murals

Visual Therapy Murals Visual Therapy is a recent technique used since a few years in many hospitals to provide patients with a better experience during [...]

Metal detector manuale

Ferromagnetic detection systems

Ferromagnetic detection systems Magnetic resonance rooms contain a magnet that generates an extremely high magnetic field. For this reason, it is forbidden to introduce objects made partially [...]


Oxygen Monitor

Oxygen Monitor The apparatus for magnetic resonance (MR) with superconducting magnet use  helium as part of the cooling process for the magnet. Helium is an asphyxiating, odorless, [...]


LCD Dimming Window

LCD Dimming Window The privacy of the patient during an MRI exam is crucial. To meet this need ITEL provides optionally an LCD Dimming Window. It [...]


Fiber Optic Audio Converter

Fiber Optic Audio Converter FO-XAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter This convertor allows you to input digital audio through a optical port and output analogue audio [...]


Fiber Optic Video Converter

Fiber Optic Video Converter FO-XVC 3G-HD-SDI Video to Fiber Optic Converter The converters allows the transport of SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G SDI over distances up to [...]

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