Design and
patient Experience

Itel has developed a high level of expertise and a specialized knowhow during its 30 years of RMI’s installments around the world. Our staff pursuits technical and functional excellency, without neglecting design features perfectly integrated with the center’s prestige. In the last decade, a demand of a more humanized RMI room, converted the customer’s need toward design oriented installments.

An MRI examination can be an intimidating experience for patients. Fear, anxiety and a reduced self-control are just some of the feelings caused by undergoing an examination within a closed and reduced space. During the examination an overstressed patient may start moving or panicking, compromising the entire scan.

This problematic has both a scientific (blurred and unintelligible images) and an economic (dilated time to actually have the scan, retakes or aborted exams) consequence. An extra effort into turning an MRI into a comfortable and entertaining experience will ease any negative outcome.

Itel’s main concern is the patient’s wealth, and in this perspective we provide a series of accessories and features act to improve the patient experience, such as cromotherapy implants with mixed colors, images and relaxing videos.

Technology for human health

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