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Integrated Operating Rooms

The use of intraoperative diagnostic imaging systems is a recent technique which allows to reduce patient risks to a minimum, especially for what concerns Neurosurgery.

Thanks to the use of the most recent MRI techniques, today it’s possible to make investigations before and during surgery directly on the patients without moving them from the operating table.

The technique consists of using MR equipment that is able to be moved around the operating room and automatically reach the operating table, where the patient undergoes the MRI exam during surgery.

ITEL, thanks to its long standing experience with EMC methodologies has designed and installed several shielding enclosures for integrated operating rooms, taking care of the design, the construction, the supervision of integration processes for the multiple technologies inside the operating room, to the test and commissioning and, last but not least, to personnel training and maintenance services.

Combined PET/MRI Systems

PET/MRI is a complex system which allows to perform medical imaging by means of two different techniques used at the same time: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The MRI generates detailed images of the body at the millimeter scale, while the PET indicates to the examiner the metabolic activity of those images, i.e. the energy consumption of the cells in the specific body area under examination.

The fusion of the two techniques, which represents a new frontier of diagnostic imaging, requires a higher level of engineering and management to comply with the structural requirements for ionizing and non-ionizing radiation protection.

ITEL, thanks to its experience gained throughout the years In two different fields (leader in MRI Shielding installations and PET Radiopharmaceuticals producer) is able to provide a state-of-the-art engineering and construction service which encompasses the specific needs of the two different techniques in a natural fusion.

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