Turn-key Solutions

From the design of hospital wards to the supply of buildings for various uses

Turn-key solutions

The multidisciplinary nature of professionals allows ITEL to design turnkey solutions of buildings for different uses. Many years of experience with complex healthcare facilities, especially those devoted to imaging and intraoperative diagnostic and radiopharmaceutical production centers, allows ITEL to provide the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary and executive design
  • Architectural design and execution
  • Structural design and execution
  • Design and execution of electrical installations
  • Design of medical gas technical systems and
  • Design of clinical engineering systems
  • Mechanical Design (HVAC) and execution
  • Technical advice for the verification of medical equipment being installed in selected sites (site planning)
  • Consulting in EMC
  • Consulting in radiation protection

The integrated design is based on reference models developed by ITEL, already implemented and validated and constantly updated based on the specifications of medical equipment and facilities, of regulations and customer requirements.

ITEL rationalizes and guarantees an uniformity in the design of the units with regards to:

  • The interaction and compatibility between devices within the same department and between functionally linked departments
  • The organization and distribution of the premises within the departments in order to facilitate the flow of staff, patients and materials, avoiding interferences.

The design of ITEL meets criteria related to:

  • The maximum performance of medical devices
  • The effectiveness of the plant works
  • Operational efficiency of healthcare facilities
  • The comfort and safety of patients and healthcare professionals

Architectural and Structural Design

ITEL performs healthcare engineering designs both in Italy and abroad using a qualified staff, consisting of highly professional engineers, surveyors and industrial experts, whose skills span over the whole healthcare process and enable ITEL to become a winning choice in the field of healthcare engineering.

ITEL has a valuable synthesis of experience, professionalism, reliability and practicality in dealing with any problems with the architectural design and structural calculations. This allows us to design, monitor and assist all the work from the preliminary to the executive phase.

Electrical Systems Design and Implementation

As part of facilities and healthcare departments, the electrical and special systems are of paramount importance, both for their usefulness related to care activities (electromedical equipment) and the degree of security that the installations should have, starting from the design to the convenience of the operator and end-user experience.

ITEL is able to design and manufacture electrical and special systems for complex healthcare facilities such as hospitals, diagnostic departments and radiopharmacies.

HVAC System Design and Implementation

HVAC is an acronym that stands for “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.”

An HVAC system is therefore a complex system that allows to create comfort conditions in residential and tertiary sectors (households, hotels, hospitals, offices and shopping centers, etc.) or high manufacturing standards in industry (factories, chemical plants, etc.).

An HVAC system, whatever its size, is a plant which can absorb a lot of energy, so in general it must be correctly sized, manufactured, installed, calibrated, but above all maintained to ensure its high degree of efficiency over the years.

The HVAC systems in special healthcare and pharmaceutical environments provide a punctual control of the thermo-hygrometric parameters and regimes of the various pressure environments, both for the maintenance of a high degree of asepsis and the control and containment of potentially dangerous pollutants.

These needs are emphasized in radiopharmaceutical applications, where potential risk inherent in ionizing radiation must be taken into account.

ITEL is able to design and implement complex HVAC systems both in healthcare and radiopharmaceutical installations.

Technology for human health

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