Faraday cages

RF shielding systems of proven quality

Our solutions combine high-quality with dynamic and flexible customized solutions.

EMI/RFI shielding enclosures (Faraday cages) are a mandatory element of every Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) installation, as the lack of a proper shielding may cause troubles both in the diagnosis and in the proper functioning of MRI equipment.

Our shielding solutions consist of rigid, self-bearing structures, with both mechanical and electrical insulation from the existing walls. These systems are made of non-magnetic stainless steel or aluminum plates and can be bolted or welded onto the site.

Choose your model according to your needs

Magnetic resonances are divided into two main categories, permanent magnet apparatuses, mainly used for diagnostic limb imaging, and superconducting apparatuses, used for “total body” diagnosis. Depending on the type of magnet (open and resistive, or closed and superconducting), you can choose accordingly  your Faraday cage.

Design and patient Experience

Itel has developed a high level of expertise and a specialized knowhow during its 30 years of RMI’s installments around the world. Our staff pursuits technical and functional excellency, without neglecting design features perfectly integrated with the center’s prestige. In the last decade, a demand of a more humanized RMI room, converted the customer’s need toward design oriented installments.


The ITEL offer includes a series of functional and aesthetic accessories for its shielding.

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